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Lucidota web development provides professional, modern websites with all the functionality you need

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FromScratch Island Farm

Fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, poultry and eggs grown naturally

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FromScratch Blog

How we are doing stuff with sticks, twigs, rocks and occasionally higher technology

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Cutthroats Pirates

Not just a social club, a community. We help our community and add flair to local events

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Website Development

From Scratch Farms

We are homesteading 6 1/2 acres in the beautiful San Juan Islands. We’ve established a greenhouse, good-sized garden and fruit trees. We raise chickens, ducks, geese, goats and bees. We also have horses and American bulldogs, who eat us out of house and home. :) We try to make as much as we can of what we need ourselves.

Cutthroats Pirates

A social club with pirate flair, the Cutthroats are a unique addition to life on San Juan Island. The Fourth of July is our flagship event, but watch for us anywhere a fun event is going on. Behind the scenes we are a community that believes in helping others; we help others directly and through support and assistance to other local nonprofits.

The Whale Museum

As Finance Manager of The Whale Museum, in addition to managing the complex finances of this diverse organization, she helps with the website, the store, and building repairs. More than a museum, TWM implements several significant educational and research programs dedicated to the stewardship of Salish Sea whales in the wild.

United Way of San Juan County

Elli is Executive Director of United Way SJC. She implemented the current website, which saves this vital local organization on its merchant service fees, as well as providing a stable, easy to update website. Her actual job is to manage the daily operations of the organization, and to help the board achieve their annual objectives. Since 1995, United Way of San Juan County’s mission has been to enhance the ability of local agencies to meet vital needs in our community. They have helped a generation of islanders to succeed, and continue through the grass-roots support of their contributors.

Island Fence, LLC

Beautiful fences, built timely and on budget. Whether it is a cedar fence, chain link, wire or electric fence or gate, Island Fence makes it happen. Not just a fence contractor, call about your fence, deck or outbuilding project. Elli is associated with this company.


As a TA at Skagit Valley College San Juan campus Elli helped students learn all levels of math, both during class and as a tutor. Students have said she helped make the subject real and accessible to them, especially when they had math anxiety or had to catch up several levels in a short period of time.


Husband Jeff, who is a carpenter & pirate. Grown children Jessica, James and Cheyenne; out doing their own thing in the world. Very proud of all of them! Our farm caretaker, Chopper, a character, but we couldn’t do it without him. Bulldogs Chubby, Missy and Little Bright Eyes. Other of our puppies visit from time to time!